Maximize your lead conversion, no contracts or commitments, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime

All Plans Include
  • No contracts, downgrade or cancel any time
  • Works for leads across United States and Canada
  • Only textable leads count toward quota
  • Simple lead volume based pricing
  • 1 minute lead response time 24/7
  • Long term follow up for up to 90 days
  • Powerful team features (no additional cost)
  • Lead activity sync-ed with over 15 different CRMs
  • One-time account setup fee
Platform Features
  • 1 minute lead contact time 24/7
  • Send in leads from over 200 sources
  • Long term follow up for up to 90 days
  • Mobile apps for real time access
  • Powerful team features (no additional cost)
  • Syncs lead activity with over 15 different CRMs
  • Customizable local phone number, scripts, and follow up
  • 24/7 email support, 8/5 phone support (except holidays)
  • Works for leads across United States and Canada
  • Custom pricing for agencies and brokerages
  • Pre-recorded voicemail drops (additional cost)
Frequently Asked Questions
+ Does Aiva work with my lead sources?
The answer is most likely yes, we support many partners already as listed on our features page. If you have a lead source not listed on our page, feel free to contact us and we may be able to easily support your lead source.
+ Do I have to commit to a contract?
Not at all! Our plans work month-to-month, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime. We do offer discounts for annual plans if paid up-front or commitments.
+ Can I cancel anytime?
Absolutely! All plans are month-to-month, you can cancel at any time by e-mailing our support team or calling in.
+ How long does setup take?
Setup takes less than 10 minutes! Our Customer Success team will help you setup lead forwarding, customize your account, and walk you through the platform.
+ What happens if I get more leads than my plan monthly limit?
No problem! Please consult our lead overage policy to learn more about how we handle overages.
+ What type of leads count toward my monthly quota?
Only leads with a valid textable phone number count toward your monthly quota. Leads with missing, invalid, or international phone numbers do NOT count toward your monthly quota and are free.
+ Can I see the conversations?
You sure can! You can follow along the conversations Aiva has in real time on our platform or mobile app. You also receive an immediate email and/or text notification once a lead is qualified or dis-qualified. You can also takeover the lead at any time to prevent Aiva from contacting them further.
+ How does pricing work for teams?
You can invite up to 25 team members into your Aiva account completely free! Each user can access and manage his/her own leads.
+ Do you have a mobile app for Android or iOS?
You bet! We have a mobile app for both iOS and Android. You can download them to manage your leads on the go!
+ Is Aiva a bot or do real human beings chat with my leads?
Aiva is powered by real human beings. Your leads only talk to a real person before they are passed off to you.
+ How long does Aiva follow up with unresponsive leads?
By default, Aiva follows up with unresponsive leads for up to 90 days over 20 different touchpoints.
+ What happens if the lead is unresponsive?
Unresponsive leads are automatically placed on a campaign and followed up with for up to 90 days by default.
+ Do you work with Spanish speaking leads?
Unfortunately our platform only supports English speaking leads at the moment.
+ Do you work with agents in Canada?
Absolutely! We work with agents across the United States and Canada equally well.
+ Can I roll over my un-used lead quota?
Unfortunately not, we do not allow rolling over un-used lead quota from one month to the other
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