Aiva works your leads while you sleep
Leads slipping away? Aiva engages, qualifies, and nurtures leads for real estate agents
Aiva Turns Cold Leads Warm
Connecting with leads can be challenging, send Aiva your leads and receive warm qualified leads
Automatically forward your incoming internet leads to Aiva by email from over 50 different lead sources.
Our human concierges engage with your lead within 5 minutes by text message.
Unresponsive and past leads are put on long term drip campaigns across email, text message, voicemail, and postcards until they respond.
Once a lead responds, our concierges follow battle tested text message scripts to qualify your leads on where they are in the buying, renting, or selling cycle.
Leads are qualified using our scripts and delivered to your inbox warm and ready to convert.
“Speed to Lead” is crucial to converting your leads. Our concierges connect with your leads within 5 minutes 24/7 by text message.
  • Text Based
    Aiva concierges contact and communicate with your leads completely by text.
  • Available 24/7
    Whether it’s 7PM on a Friday night or 4AM on a Sunday morning Aiva concierges are available 24/7.
  • Custom Scripts
    Customize our scripts with your own style or user our own. Aiva concierges refer to a script as a guideline when conversing with your leads.
  • Your Personal ISA
    Aiva is much more affordable than an Inside Sales Agent and can help deliver a meaningful conversion boost to your incoming leads.
Once a lead responds, our human concierges can qualify the lead 24/7 using customizable buyer and seller scripts. The conversation is then delivered instantly to your inbox.
  • buyer
    Claire Stewart — (310) 555-8479
    Claire and Phil are interested in scheduling a showing for 158 Elm St. They are first time buyers and have been pre-approved for up to $720,000. Their timeline is 3-4 months and they have questions about the home buying process.
    • Hi Claire, this is Aiva from Livewell Realty. I saw you submitted an inquiry on our website about scheduling a showing, how can I help?
    • Hi Aiva, yes my husband Phil and I are looking to buy a new home, we're first time buyers and we don't know how this works
    • Absolutely, we can help with that! What timeline and budget do you have in mind?
    • Ideally 3-4 months and we've already been pre-approved for up to 720k
    • Okay, great let me pass this info along to our team and someone will be in touch shortly!
Unresponsive leads can be placed on a long term follow up campaign to get them to connect using text messages, emails, direct-to-voicemail messages, and postcards.
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